Insulin Pump Bands | Belts

radrr has all your insulin pump carrying needs covered.  We have cases, belts, bands, for daytime use, for nightime and ones perfect sports.  We even sell in convenient value packs that come at a great price.

We sell on multiple platforms including our own, on Amazon@,,,,,,, and and on on Etsy.





Insulin pump bands – best quality and best price

We have the absolute best quality insulin pump bands on the market at the best price.

These bands are just perfect for wearing at night, during the day under your clothes, and for sports activities.

The material on these insulin pump bands is a very high quality lycra stretch material that is heavy duty, not the flimsy material you see on other brands.  These can stand up to a lot of hard wear and will always look great.

Our belts also have the best possible features.  They have a zipper pocket for your pump which keeps everything in place and perfectly safe at all times.  There are other “flip” pockets to carry things like your phone, keys, blood meter, strips, or any other things that you need to keep with you.  All around, this is a must have accessory.

Lastly, while many are selling these insulin pump bands at $40 or more, we keep our prices at a very reasonable $19.99.

Check them out today – also be sure to check out our great value packs.